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 SORA LOTION is a medical device. It is non-toxic and efficient against lice.

Instructions for use of medical device SORA LOTION

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1. Preparation
Before use cover your shoulders with a towel.
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2. Apply the lotion of dry hair
Apply the lotion on the entire length of dry hair. Separate medium and long hair into strands and apply the lotion on each strand. Detailed recommendations as to amount of the preparation in dependence on the length of your hair are listed in the leaflet attached to the preparation.
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3. Massage the lotion
Massage the lotion into the scalp and hair until they are completely moistened.
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4. Wait 1 hour
Leave the preparation on the head for about 1 hour.
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5. Comb your hair
Comb the lice and eggs out of your hair with a lice comb (attached). After each stroke, wipe the comb onto a facial tissue.
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6. Wash your hair
Wash your hair using a shampoo to remove the lotion.