Strona główna / Treatment

 The treatment is very simple. It is based on the use of the therapeutic shampoo on the scalp. It is widely available in pharmacies, and treatment should be carried out according to the enclosed leaflet.”

How to use SORA FORTE therapeutic shampoo

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1. Apply the shampoo
Before use, shake a few times. Apply shampoo to wet hair and distribute evenly (including behind the ears and the back of the head).
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2. Wait 10 minutes
Work up gently to a foam. Leave for about 10 minutes.
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3. Rinse
Rinse hair under running water.
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4. Comb
Comb the hair carefully, using the comb included.You can already enjoy your healthy hair.
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5. Prevention
After treatment with SORA FORTE shampoo, use SORA Lotion regularly to ease skin irritation and to prevent relapse.

How to treat head lice?

A case of head lice must be regarded as a problem for the whole family, not just one individual member. Treatment should involve all family members and others who are in close contact with the affected child. To make sure that parasites have been completely eliminated, it is best to carry out treatment with the product on all family members (with the exception of pets; animals are not subject to infestation from human lice).

Following treatment, all bedding and linen should be washed at a temperature over 60 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this, the lice and nits will die and you won’t have to worry about recurrence of the infestation.

Other items, such as brushes and combs, should be boiled for at least 5 minutes or discarded in favor of new ones.
Items that cannot be boiled or washed (such as plush toys or blankets) should be sealed tightly in plastic bags and put aside for 12-14 days (the incubation period for the nits – the mature lice die after a few days once deprived of access to a host). Places that could serve as hiding places for insects, such as couches, mattresses, and upholstered furniture, need to be vacuumed very carefully. Even after treatment, it is necessary to inspect the heads of children and other family members regularly for 10 days.