Sora Lotion and Sora Protect – similarities and differences of both products

Both products are intended for the prevention of lice infestation. They should be applied onto hair and scalp every day. They contain natural essential oils which work as insect repellents and substances which soothe the scalp and condition the hair.

SORA LOTION is a cosmetic product, and SORA PROTECT is a medical product. The LOTION’s solvent is water, and the PROTECT’s solvent is silicone oil (cyclopentasiloxane) with similar to water very low viscosity and immediate evaporation properties. Anti-louse action of the LOTION consist in discouraging lice by the smell secreted by hair. PROTECT acts in two ways: repels by the scent and covers hair and the scalp with a thin layer of film that unables lice to attach to the hair.