Strona główna / Signs

We are mistaken in believing that head lice is a problem that affects poor environments and is associated with dirt.

4 basic signs of lice infestation

Leczenie wszawicy
Scratching is the most easily observed sign of head lice. Children and adults scratch to relieve the itching caused by the lice.
Leczenie wszawicy
Lice on the comb
One way to diagnose head lice infestation is to comb wet hair using a fine-tooth comb and then check if there are lice on the comb.
Leczenie wszawicy
Lice or their larvae in hair
Clear evidence of infestation is the presence of living lice or their larvae in hair.
Leczenie wszawicy
Enlarged lymph nodes
Neglecting a case of head lice infestation can lead to enlargement of the lymph nodes around the head. In the event of bacterial complications, consult your doctor for advice.

The treatment – 4 simple steps

First of all, the infestation should be diagnosed. Follow the instructions in “Signs of head lice.”

Buy SORA FORTE therapeutic shampoo in the pharmacy. It works on the first application.

Shampoo your hair and scalp with SORA FORTE shampoo to get rid of head lice.

4.Healthy hair
Enjoy your healthy hair.
To increase the efficacy of the treatment, we recommend repeating it in 7-10 days.