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Frequently asked questions and answers


1. Sora Lotion and Sora Protect – similarities and differences of both products

Both products are intended for the prevention of lice infestation. They should be applied onto hair and scalp every day. They contain natural essential oils which work as insect repellents and substances which soothe the scalp and condition the hair.

SORA LOTION is a cosmetic product, and SORA PROTECT is a medical product. The LOTION’s solvent is water, and the PROTECT’s solvent is silicone oil (cyclopentasiloxane) with similar to water very low viscosity and immediate evaporation properties. Anti-louse action of the LOTION consist in discouraging lice by the smell secreted by hair. PROTECT acts in two ways: repels by the scent and covers hair and the scalp with a thin layer of film that unables lice to attach to the hair.

2. What are the ways of the lice infestation?

Lice do not have legs to jump, they can only crawl, therefore is easy to catch lice through close contact with infested person (hugging, head-to-head contact) or by using the same brushes or combs, wearing the same head wears or sleeping in the same bed linen. The easiest is to get infested in large concentrations of people (kindergartens, schools, boarding houses, dormitories and camps organized for children and teenagers). Lice problem exists in all climate zones and human populations regardless of their social status.

3. When to chose SORA FORTE or SORA PŁYN?

SORA FORTE is a medicine for lice that has form of shampoo. Its application is very easy and fast because the foam produced works after 10 minutes. The active substance effectively destroys lice in each development phase, and yet is safe for humans. It has been successfully used in the preparations for lice for a long time.

SORA PŁYN is a medical product. Application requires patience and is time-consuming, particularly in case of long hair. The effectiveness of this preparation for lice can also be achieved after a long time. The active substance is odorless and is not absorbed through the skin. For this reason, SORA PŁYN is recommended for people who have to take special care of their health: children of any age, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people with asthmatic and allergic diseases.

4. Are there any lice repellents?

These types of substances exist, and these are some essential oils that discourage insects. One of the most effective is citronella oil with fresh and pleasant scent. It is used in SORA Lotion preparation. Thanks to a convenient bottle with atomizer, medicine is easy to apply onto hair. Lingering scent of citronella discourages the lice.

5. What to do when you notice lice?

» If the guardian checks the hair and head of a child and detects presence of lice, the guardian should visit the doctor or pharmacist to start the proper treatment for the child. It is worth checking the condition of the head hair of the entire family as they need treatment, too.

» Having consulted with the pharmacist, you can use medical remedies for lice available in the chemists. They fight lice in each development phase. SORA FORTE shampoo is one of the most effective and simple in use medicines.

» Parents should inform the headmaster of the child’s school about the lice disease, so he will be able to take actions to li]mit the spreading of the infestation among other children.