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SORA PŁYN is an anti-lice medical device containing dimethicone as the main ingredient.

Instructions for use SORA PŁYN


SORA PŁYN medical device

It is non-toxic and efficient against lice. It is safe for children (without age limit), pregnant women, breast-feeding women, asthmatics and allergy sufferers. SORA PŁYN applied on the skin is not absorbed which decreases a risk of undesired reactions even when used on the scratched skin of the head.

How does SORA PŁYN work?

Dimethicone is a colorless and odorless synthetic polymethylsilicone oil with a silky non-greasy consistency. It is widely used in cosmetic industry. It is not absorbed though the skin and is used as a skin protectant.
Dimethicone, due to low surface tension, penetrates into the smallest spiracles, i.e. to the tracheal system of the parasite and obstructs them thus blocking oxygen supply. Lice and eggs (nits) become suffocated and dried within 10 minutes. After application of a dimethicone-containing preparation the parasite cannot regain its life functions.
Dimethicone also lowers adhesion of nits which makes it easier to comb them out. Dimethicone action is purely mechanical so lice and nits cannot acquire resistance to any components. Therefore, SORA PŁYN can be safely used in case of lice recurrence.



Instructions for use of medical device SORA PŁYN

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1. Preparation
Before use cover your shoulders with a towel.
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2. Apply the lotion of dry hair
Apply the lotion on the entire length of dry hair. Separate medium and long hair into strands and apply the lotion on each strand. Detailed recommendations as to amount of the preparation in dependence on the length of your hair are listed in the leaflet attached to the preparation.
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3. Massage the lotion
Massage the lotion into the scalp and hair until they are completely moistened.
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4. Wait 1 hour
Leave the preparation on the head for about 1 hour.
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5. Comb your hair
Comb the lice and eggs out of your hair with a lice comb (attached). After each stroke, wipe the comb onto a facial tissue.
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6. Wash your hair
Wash your hair using a shampoo to remove the lotion.