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Therapeutic shampoo is available without a prescription at any pharmacy

Information about SORA FORTE

An effective antidote

SORA FORTE therapeutic shampoo is an efficient and up-to-date way to combat head lice in human beings (including children over 3 years of age).

SORA FORTE is very effective in killing lice at any stage of development.
SORA FORTE: therapeutic shampoo to fight head lice.

Information about SORA FORTE

SORA FORTE is a therapeutic product containing an active substance with a well-established history of medicinal use, of proven efficacy and safety in the fight against head lice.

SORA FORTE is an easy-to-use pearly gel, in convenient, safe packaging. SORA FORTE shampoo foams up beautifully when water is added, and also has a pleasant scent. After use it is easy to rinse out thoroughly.

In addition to the active substance, SORA FORTE shampoo contains specially selected gentle ingredients that nourish and cleanse the hair. The shampoo is very effective and can be used to treat head lice in adults and children over 3 years old. SORA FORTE is recommended for getting rid of parasites, as well as prophylactically for individuals in direct contact with those infested with head lice.

Sora Forte i Sora Lotion - lek na wszawicę

How to use SORA FORTE therapeutic shampoo

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1. Apply the shampoo
Before use, shake a few times. Apply shampoo to wet hair and distribute evenly (including behind the ears and the back of the head).
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2. Wait 10 minutes
Work up gently to a foam. Leave for about 10 minutes.
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3. Rinse
Rinse hair under running water.
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4. Comb
Comb the hair carefully, using the comb included.You can already enjoy your healthy hair.
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5. Prevention
After treatment with SORA FORTE shampoo, use SORA Lotion regularly to ease skin irritation and to prevent relapse.